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Welcome to Principles of Business Blog

Hello & Welcome to my Principles of Business Blog

It was the night before your CXC/ CSEC Principles of Business exam, and all through your house,

Not a being was stirring, not even you?

Looking up at your ceiling,

Wondering what a miracle you need …… to pass your CXC/CSEC Principles of Business Exam

Principles of Business Blog

You’ve probably quickly learned that merely passing an exam or getting an A+, the night before would be like trying to climb Mount Everest in an hour. Yes, you’ve read my mind . . . Mission Impossible anyone? It definitely requires hard work, dedication, and an investment of your time into studying the content smartly in order to pass your CSEC / CXC Principles of Business Exam (CXC/ CSEC POB Exam) based on the CSEC / CXC POB Syllabus for 2019.

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Boodoo and thank you for visiting my Principles of Business Blog. I am going to teach you how to effectively and efficiently prepare for your CSEC / CXC POB Exam (CSEC Principles of Business Exams). I will be showing you step-by-step, techniques, tips, and tricks on how to successfully pass your exams. Also, I will try my very best to remove any question marks hovering over your head.  I know from experience how stressful preparing for an exam can be. Coupled with a sprinkle of anxiety and heart pounding . . . Don’t forget a stomach filled with butterflies, and of course the fear of failure. . . I’ve been there.

Also, if you are a student who have chosen the self-study route or even undertaking GCE exams, don’t fear, my blog can help you get prepared. My Principles of Business Blog is ideal as well for those of you who simply would love to learn more about business without the hassle or time of going into a classroom setting.

After much research, I have found that a blog is a very innovative way to impart education in a fun, meaningful, and rewarding way. For me personally, it is a useful channel to assist all of you who find business studies challenging. The Principles of Business Blog will help me to impart valuable knowledge that I have learned through my years of studies and let me use my creative juices to explain business topics from a fresh perspective. It will aid me in contributing positively to all of you, bright and upcoming students, who may be reading this post right now.

So, don’t beat yourself up. I’m here to assist you. Let’s embark on this journey together and ace that exam. I’ll be helping you to pass your CSEC / CXC POB Exam. Likewise, ensure you graduate, which is only a small part of your journey to success.

My blog would incorporate Principles of Business Notes based on the CSEC / CXC POB Syllabus 2019. I will provide you with Suggested Answers for the CSEC / CXC POB Past Papers. Similarly, I will post articles on contemporary Business Topics, which will assist and support Business Teachers and students alike.

Feel free to contact me by using the “Contact Me” page and fill the mini-survey to let me know what topics or suggestions you may have.  I would love for you to take the opportunity to explore my blog, subscribe, and definitely come back for more. Follow me on Facebook @STUDYPOB for the latest blog post as well as click the follow button. Until my next blog post . . . Happy Studying! 🙂 . . . Stay tuned! 😀

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