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12 Study Tips That Work!📚||How To Study Well

Today I will be explaining 12 Study Tips that will help you study well and assist you in gaining a Grade One for CSEC CXC POB 2020 exams. I have collated these tips from actual examiner reports for the past ten years. You can use the principles from these exam tips and apply them to other CXC Subject Exams.

12 study tips how to study well pob syllabus infographics
12 Study Tips that work || How to study well for POB ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

Exams can be stressful

This is how John felt . . .

study tips how to study well POB Syllabus
Exams can be Stressful~ Principles of Business Blog@STUDYPOB~

How many of you felt like John just by thinking about an exam? Here are 12 Study Tips which you can incorporate into your study strategy to ensure you excel at your CSEC CXC POB for January 2020 and onward.

Study Tip # 1 ~ Know the Format of the Exam 📝

The CSEC CXC POB Exam consists of three major assessment components. The three parts are Paper 01, Paper 02, and Paper 03/1 (School-Based Assessment). Likewise, Private Candidates would have to write Paper 03/2. The Paper 03/2 is an alternative to the School-Based Assessment, offered to full-time candidates. If you have not gotten the chance as yet to get acquainted with the Exam Format, take the opportunity to see the CSEC Principles of Business Exam Structure and the CSEC Principles of Business Specimen Paper.

Study Tip # 2 ~ Studying the Content 🤓

study tips how to study well POB Syllabus
Study the Content ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

There is no shortcut to success. Hard work, dedication, and consistency is key to passing any exam. You cannot rely solely on classroom delivery to excel at the CSEC Principles of Business Exam. We all have busy schedules. One way we can manage our hectic schedule is by creating a timetable. I have also provided a Study Timetable Template below. You can begin now by downloading the template and start building your Study Timetable.

Source : TEMPLATE.NET (2019)

study tips how to study well POB syllabus
There is no shortcut to success~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

Study Tip # 3 ~ Time Management ⏲️

Have you ever felt that when you are in an exam, time disappears “POOF”!!! It usually feels like the universe is spinning faster, just at that moment. I remembered when I was writing one of my Advanced Diploma Exams, the invigilator said, “Time is up to everyone, please put down all pens and stop writing!”. The only thing darting through my head was, did I do enough to pass? How could time end? Three hours flew so fast! As you can guess, that was the only paper in my life I never finished. But thank my lucky stars, I was still able to pass. So you know, from that day on, I had proper time management skills for any exam.

study tips how to study well POB Syllabus
Time Management~ Principles of Business @STUDYPOB~

One proven strategy that I use still is ensuring before the exam I make sure and read the instructions for the exam I was going to take way in advance. I did this to ensure I knew:

  • Number of Questions to Answer
  • Are any questions compulsory?
  • The total time for the exam

If I were you, I would ensure I read the instructions of the lastest June 2019 CSEC CXC POB Exam to ensure you know what the guidelines are for the examination beforehand.

How to plan your time for the CXC POB Exam?

I have drafted a sample of how you could approach the POB Exam. The plan shows time estimations for CXC POB Paper 01 and Paper 02 Exam.

Paper 01Multiple Choice60 Multiple Choice Items
– 75 minutes
Average 1 minute per question and leave time to check over
the paper.

Strategy:1 minute per question 15 minutes max to check over solutions
Paper 02Essay Paper2 hours = 120 minutes.

Suggested allocated time:

Read questions and jot down notes – 10 minutes

5  Compulsory Question – 20 minutes per question – 100 minutes

Check over solutions 10 minutes

Study Tips how to study well POB Syllabus
Study Tips

✒️ TIP : You can take out your watch and leave it on your desk for the exam to ensure that you are paying attention to the time.

Study Tip # 4 ~ Problem-Solving Practice Required

A major pitfall for candidates writing the CSEC CXC POB Exam is the lack of experience when answering questions about a given case, situation, or scenario. You will be required to make your responses or answers to the given question the context of the case, situation, or scenario presented. 

For example:

Sample Question: Tropical Country’s government wants to provide laptops to its primary schools children. Outline TWO ways in which it can positively impact their education.

You would need to answer the sample question in relation to primary schools and its link to education.

Candidates need to be familiar with this assessment method. It requires a degree of explanation. For you to gain the maximum marks for that particular question, you will be required to develop that response.

Study Tip # 5 ~ Do not ignore the Verb Cues and Keywords in the Questions

study tips how to study well POB Syllabus
Study Tip # 5 ~ Keywords and Verb Cues ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB

You will need to read and analyze examination questions to understand what the examiner requires from your response. Pay careful attention to the words such as ‘state,’ ‘explain,’ and ‘outline’ which is regularly confused. These keywords give you an indication of the level of the response required. Hence, once you ensure you know the meanings of these significant action words used in the instructions of the examination questions, you will be able to give the appropriate responses.

A key strategy that you can use is doing more practice exercises, both written and oral. It will assist you with developing answering techniques, such as looking for ‘keywords’ in the questions.

✒️ Tip: You need to ensure that you fully understand verb cues in the examination questions such as: Define, State, Outline – These verbs gives you an indication of the level of response you are required to give.

study tips how to study well CXC POB Syllabus
Study Tip #5 ~Pay Attention to the Keywords and Verb Cues~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

Study Tip # 6 ~ Pay attention to the Mark Allocation Per Question

In the CSEC CXC POB Exam, each question has an assigned mark in brackets. You should note the number of marked allotted for each item, which indicates the level of the response required. For instance, a question allocated eight marks will require more elaborate responses from you to satisfactory score the eight marks. Whereas, if you have a question allotted, two marks will need less detailed and in-depth answers, e.g. ‘state.’

Study Tip # 7 ~ Answer the Question Given NOT the one you WANTED 🤔⁉️

study tips how to study well pob syllabus
Study Tip #7 ~Answer the Question Given NOT the Question You Wanted~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

Many of us are guilty of writing perfect answers for the question we wanted to answer in our head. . . You are neglecting the actual question on the exam paper! Hence, by you not addressing the question asked, you score a fat, round zero. Therefore, you should read the examination questions carefully before answering to avoid misinterpretations.

E.g., Q6 June 2009 CSEC Principles of Business Paper – where the question tested ‘human resource development’ and candidates answered on ‘the definition of human resources or even what is ‘human resource department’ which is not what the question asked. 

A simple way to think about it . . .

Picture this; if you are having a conversation with someone and they ask you, ‘what is your name?’, you would not answer ‘I am from Trinidad?’. That response would be incorrect since it would be accurate if the question asked which country you reside? If you examine it from that perspective, then you will answer the question printed in the exam paper and not the perfect one you wanted in your mind.

Study Tip # 8 ~ Write Answers in Complete Sentences  ✍️

how to study well study tips POB Syllabus
Write Answers in Complete Answers ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB ~

You are encouraged to write your response in complete sentences. For example, if you have to have to answer the following question:

Question Example:

Discuss THREE advantages of a free market economy over a planned economy.      (6 marks)

The examiner appreciates that in your answer, you discuss the THREE advantages and each one in complete sentences. Also, note that when comparing the two types of economic systems, you should highlight both sides.  An example of one showing you how to discuss one of the points are as follows:

In a centrally planned economy , the state owns and controls the factors of production. Whereas, in a free economy, private individuals and organisations owns the factors of productions.

You are encouraged to use linking phrases  to show two like things were being compared, such as :

  • On the other hand
  • Whereas (see the sample answer above)
  • However

✒️ Tip: Candidates should be able to know the difference between prominent verb cues, such as:

  • Compare
  • Outline
  • Discuss

✒️ Tip : In model responses, a ‘comparison’ is used successfully when you compare like things. Also, you are required to explain both sides and use linking phrases or words to achieve this successfully.

Study Tip # 9 ~ Practice Makes Perfect 🖋️

Study Tips How to study well POB Syllabus Practice Makes Perfect
Study Tip #9 ~Practice Makes Perfect~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

It would be best if you practiced answering more CSEC questions so that you would become familiar with the expectations of the questions. You can access to CSEC Principles of Business Past Papers here.

Get a quiet place and use a timer on your phone or computer and test yourself using CSEC Principles of Business Past Paper Questions so you get a feel of how it would be like under real examination condition with the 2 hour time constraint

Study Tip # 10 ~ Start from the KNOWN . . . then move to the UNKNOWN


No one said that the CSEC Principles of Business Exam would be a walk in the park. You can bet your bottom dollar that you have at least one challenging question on the exam paper.  However, to ensure you pass the CSEC Principles of Business Exam, one strategy is to work through the Past Paper by starting to answer all the questions you can answer confidently and get those guaranteed marks in the bag. 

Study Tip # 11 ~ Answer ALL Questions 

study well study tps POB Syllabus
Study Tip # 11 ~ Answer All Questions ~ Principles of Business Blog@STUDYPOB~

Who in this world can say they know the answers to everything? I guess that’s why plenty of us have google on standby to ask away . . . Right? However, unfortunately, in the exam, we will not have that luxury. I know this point seems pretty straightforward. However, there are countless students who may decide to leave a question blank because they may not know the content.

You should never leave a question blank since you will gain no marks if left unanswered. Whereas, if you had made an educated guess, you could have still obtain a mark or two extra. These extra marks are critical and can act as a determining factor between a Grade I or II for the CSEC Principles of Business Exam. Remember, a blank space equals zero marks scored. So, next time you are doing any exam, I urge you to allow yourself the opportunity to get some extra marks by attempting the question.

You should never leave a question blank since you will gain no marks if left unanswered.

Principles of business blog

Study Tip # 12 ~ Interact with the CXC CSEC Principles of Business Material

how to study well CXC POB Exam POB Syllabus
Study Tip #12 ~ Interact with the Principles of Business Material ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB ~

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? You can engage with the textbook, powerpoint slides, YouTube videos, make concise CSEC Principles of Business Study Notes, and cue cards. Making colorful and engaging study notes can make learning fun and appealing. You can also check out the CSEC Principles of Business Past Paper Section to get a feel of how the CSEC POB Past Papers are structured.

Frequently, candidates may learn theories in isolation without knowing their linkage or making comparisons with other key concepts that they have learned. E.g., You may learn barter, then learn about the money system and types of economic systems separately. However, when you are learning topics, you can try to see relationships and links between them. For instance, you can look at how, with the introduction of the money system, you were able to overcome the drawbacks of the barter system which existed in the traditional economy.

✒️ Tip: Make a list of ‘key terms’ you come across while studying for the CSEC Principles of Business Subject.

When making study notes or during your class sessions with your tutor, you should ask for the use of real-life examples. Also, you can, in some instances, draw from your ‘own experiences’ in order for you to make the topics and concepts more relatable and practical.

✒️ Tip: Make a list of ‘key terms’ you come across while studying for the CSEC Principles of Business Subject.

Key TermDefinitionReal World Example / Own Experience
Mixed Economy
An economic system which combines elements of a planned economy and a free economy with state intervention.
e.g. Trinidad and Tobago

TIP ✒️:

Defining Terms

When defining a term,  you should not explain the term with the term in the definition.


So now that you have these 12 Study Tips that you can add to your study arsenal. Can you tell me about any other ideas or tips, you can add to this list that I may not have mentioned? Tell me in the comment section below. Until the next blog post . . .  Happy Studying! P.S. Like and share this blog 🙂 

study tips how to study well POB Syllabus
12 Study Tips That Work || How To Study Well ~ Principles of Business Blog @STUDYPOB~

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TEMPLATE.NET (2019) Free Study TimeTable Template Available at URL : (Accessed: 30 July 2019)

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